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The Bellevue restaurant is a place of prime gastronomy in the heart of Prague;

a place of original European/Czech design;
a place of tradition, but also of the most progressive European trends.



Bellevue is MAGIC!


... the MAGIC of a unique moment; your unique experience. It is you who gives meaning to what we do. What would a breathtaking view of the majestic Prague castle be without the spark that only people in love can see in each other’s eye? From where would our chef draw inspiration for their creative culinary art if it were not for the excited ovations given by you over dessert? What would become of a nice summer evening without a few moments spent on our terrace lit up by street lamps with the subtle murmur of the Vltava river in the background? How would the wines of the best years taste if drunk elsewhere than at a table with your friends?


Bellevue is the MAGIC of Prague!


The most beautiful places in Prague are within reach from the Bellevue restaurant located at the Smetana’s river bank. It is an exceptional location in the immediate vicinity of some of the Prague’s most valued gems - the National Theatre, the Žofín palace, Charles Bridge, Rudolfinum, the Old Town square and the Prague castle. Rays of light and shades of the original glass artefacts by Rony Plesl play along on the walls of its elegant interior. Take a seat by the window, make yourselves comfortable and let the magic of this place’s history take over.


Bellevue is the MAGIC of romance!


If it is true what they say about Prague that it is one of the most romantic settings, then Bellevue is the best place for your rendezvous. We can make your dream wedding banquet come true here. We will plan your anniversary dinner to the smallest detail. You can just as well surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable dinner or spend a few magic evenings of your honeymoon in our company. The possibilities are endless.


Bellevue is the MAGIC of wine!


Only when served with the most delicious wines, our culinary miracles become truly second to none. František Novák, the Restaurant Manager, is the person with the most strict rules, but also great deal of love when it comes to making sure there is a true symbiosis between the served wine and meal. Come discover the magic of degustation menus centred on exceptional wines.






V Zátiší Mlýnec Bellevue Žofín Garden Zátiší Club
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