Chef & his team


Petr Bureš - Executive Chef


I’ve been with the Zátiší Group for 17 years now and I still don’t feel burnt out or fed up with my fellow “troopers.” I must like them a lot. I’ve been lucky to have been able to work with the foreign chefs who’ve come to Bellevue. They were both colleagues and inspirations.

I was very nervous when I was promoted to the "captain's bridge" after Jacques Auffray left. But the visiting chefs helped me believe in myself and they broadened my vision.  

Many of the chefs came here to get hands-on experience with the traditional Czech cuisine, and we had the reputation – and the openness – to attract them.

I’ve tasted and prepared meals of cuisines from all over the world, and I’ve eaten many extraordinary dishes. But nothing has ever surpassed the roasted duck with red cabbage cooked by my Mom!



Phone.: +420 222 221 443

Email: petr.bures,zatisigroup,cz



František Novák - Restaurant Manager Bellevue


Gastronomy has been a part of our family life for three generations now. After completing my studies abroad, I worked in the tourism industry, but always felt the need to return to our field. In five years at Bellevue, I have worked in virtually every position, which allowed me to get a detailed understanding of the restaurant operations.

Constant progress, looking for and creating new trends, a great team and the support of a large, established company are the main reasons why I cannot imagine my professional life without Bellevue. I dedicate my free time primarily to my family. I enjoy relaxing while watching a good film, but also like to stay active – spending time at the mountains, travelling or pursuing sports activities.




Phone.: +420 222 221 443

Email: frantisek.novak,zatisigroup,cz



Martina Pilečková - Guest Relation Manager


I have been working for Zatisi Group maybe for twelve years already! Really a long time! All the time I have been working at V Zatisi restaurant, but at the beginning of 2007, Tomas Melich asked me to join him in creating the new Bellevue team. So we have started something completely new...

I feel a strong team spirit at Bellevue. It is evident that the people have a strong desire for the restaurant to be successful and for the guests to say “wow” when leaving.

Bellevue is all about culinary delights –I swear by the crispy duckling, potato dumpling red cabbage!







Phone: +420 222 221 44

Email: bellevue,zatisigroup,cz



Milan Vobruba - Deputy Manager


I have been working at the Bellevue restaurant since 1998, having performed several roles. In 2007, Tomáš Melich joined the Bellevue team which proved to be a challenge on its own for me. We started off on the wrong foot and our relationship took a long time to form, but is today a lot stronger . Together, we started working on the new restaurant concept and style. During my years at Bellevue, I have learnt a lot of new things and met many interesting people.


I am most relaxed when with my family. I have influenced them all in the most positive way when it comes to food and the culinary art. We always gather over good wine, served alongside something tasty happily prepared by me drawing inspiration from meals I had enjoyed during my travels around Europe and namely in Italy. I love Italian culture, cuisine, wines and temperament and never miss the opportunity to go back.





Phone.: +420 222 221 443/454

Email: milan.vobruba,zatisigroup,cz


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