Chef & his team


Marek Šáda - Executive Chef

First, I worked in several top restaurants in the Czech Republic, side by side renowned chefs, one of them a Michelin-starred chef.

Then, I left for New York, to open a restaurant as an appointed Head Chef. Later, I moved to San Francisco to attend The Culinary Institute of America’s (CIA) cooking classes focused on fish and seafood preparation. My last post prior my return to the Czech Republic was at the Acmé restaurant in New York where I worked under the leadership of Mads Refslund, the co-founder of the world renowned NOMA restaurant in Copenhagen. 

I like spending my free time with my family.

Phone.: +420 277 000 777

Email: marek.sada,zatisigroup,cz






František Novák - Restaurant Manager Bellevue


Gastronomy has been a part of our family life for three generations now. After completing my studies abroad, I worked in the tourism industry, but always felt the need to return to our field. In five years at Bellevue, I have worked in virtually every position, which allowed me to get a detailed understanding of the restaurant operations.

Constant progress, looking for and creating new trends, a great team and the support of a large, established company are the main reasons why I cannot imagine my professional life without Bellevue. I dedicate my free time primarily to my family. I enjoy relaxing while watching a good film, but also like to stay active – spending time at the mountains, travelling or pursuing sports activities.

Phone.: +420 222 221 443

Email: frantisek.novak,zatisigroup,cz






Martina Pilečková - Guest Relation Manager


I have been working for Zatisi Group maybe for twelve years already! Really a long time! All the time I have been working at V Zatisi restaurant, but at the beginning of 2007, Tomas Melich asked me to join him in creating the new Bellevue team. So we have started something completely new...

I feel a strong team spirit at Bellevue. It is evident that the people have a strong desire for the restaurant to be successful and for the guests to say “wow” when leaving.

Bellevue is all about culinary delights –I swear by the crispy duckling, potato dumpling red cabbage!
Phone: +420 222 221 44







 Ondřej Plíšek - Deputy Manager

 I started my work at V Zátiší restaurant in 2009 and I soon realised that my work could also be-become my hobby. After four years I was offered a job at its affiliated Bellevue restaurant which I could not resist. You can easily guess by its name what a charming place this restaurant is. Apart from that you need to bear in mind the most modern gastronomic trends, excellent service and an amazing view over the river on Prague Castle. All these aspects emphasize why Bellevue is an ideal place for your extraordinary gastronomic experience.

I mainly spend my free time with my family. If there is a short break for myself , I prefer going fishing where I easily switch off and get some new energy from the countryside.


Phone.: +420 222 221 443

Email: ondrej.plisek,zatisigroup,cz






Zdeněk Černotík - Assistant of manager

When I moved to Prague in 2010 I was very lucky to become a part of Libor Pavlíček‘s team at V Zátiší restaurant. I started to work as a waiter and after five years I came to Bellevue restaurant where after a year I became a ‘Day Manager‘. I enjoy providing an excellent and unforgettable service. I also like working in a great, strong team.

Since 2012 I have been doing kickboxing and it became a kind of a relaxing therapy for me. I have a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters that mean everything to me. I love chocolate and I really think that we have the best chocolate desserts at Bellevue.


Phone.: +420 222 221 443

Email: zdenek.cernotik,zatisigroup,cz







Daniel Pokorný - Assistant of manager

When I was hired at Zátiší Group five years ago, which was immediately after finishing/completing my secondary school, I must admit, I did not know much then about the top gastronomic world. I left for a hotel across the river but I quickly came back. I came to Bellevue as a waiter for the Commis de Rang position and after eight months I became the shift manager. I enjoy working with people a lot, every day is completely different and brings new challenges, situations and also some interesting encouters! I especially like to see happines and surprise in our client’s eyes when they get something they did not expect at all.

I enjoy relaxing by roller-skating, mountaineering or just walking in the countryside. I come from the north of Bohemia and my girlfriend is from Slovakia so we have always somewhere to go. I like the proverb : Simplicity pays. It is applicable to food and wine too. I love a simple piece of meat just as it is without a side dish or garnish with a glass of white Czech wine. Czech wines are comparable to wines from abroad these days.

Phone.: +420 222 221 443

Email: daniel.pokorny,zatisigroup,cz










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