Star Wars at Bellevue

4 - 8 April 2017


It is a tradition by now for two top chefs to do battle in our restaurant. 

This time you can expect a veritable war of flavours between French and Italian masters and cuisines.

  In April the French chef Nicolas Isnard will compete against Massimiliano Musso of Italy!   







Nicolas Isnard

He was born in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast. He knew as a schoolboy that he would devote his life to his culinary passion and become a chef. He studied under several renowned master chefs. Nicolas was a pioneer of chefs who offer meals without a menu.

 He believes that the egg is the simplest and most symbolic food and defended this belief in a book in which he provides 30 original egg recipes.You had the opportunity to enjoy some of his delicious meals at V Zátiší in January 2016.


Massimiliano Musso

In the northern Italian region of Piedmont there is a restaurant called Ca' Vittoria, which opened in 1929.

In this restaurant, the Musso family has for generations offered its wonderful delicacies in a romantic pastoral setting. Ca' Vittoria was awarded a Michelin star in 1997. Massimiliano and his wife Valentina, an award-winning sommelier, work together on keeping the  restaurant modern and popular. Massimiliano prefers to use local ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables and flowers.




   Amuse Bouche

Fricassee of pork, escargots and truffles


Parmesan Bavarese with truffle caviar  




 Oysters, cucumber and Granny Smith apple


Langoustine tartare, mandarin, and green tea




Carbonara 2017


Agnolotti with duck confit, morells and truffles




 Seabass, leek, kumquats, peanut sauce


Cod, fava beans and raspberries




 Beef fillet, tomato variation, truffles


Lamb saddle, woundwort, black garlic




Red fruits in different textures


Hazelnuts and blueberries


Menu 5 courses 2290 CZK
5 courses with wine pairing 3380 CZK

Menu 4 courses 1990 CZK
4 courses with wine pairing 2880 CZK


Menu 3 courses 1690 CZK
3 courses with wine pairing 2480 CZK


Two chefs, five courses, five plates, ten meals.
A signature dish by each of the culinary masters will be put on every plate. 
And you, the Bellevue guests, will score their meals every day from 4 to 8 April.

Come to enjoy and be one of Star Wars referees!



Standard à la carte menu will not be available during the Star Wars event.


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