A La Carte Menu is designated for reservations up to 10 guests.
For group reservation, please contact our reception: 
bellevue,zatisigroup,cz or +420 222 221 443

 Information regarding allergens is available upon request.


Wine pairing CZK 295  ǀ EUR 11 / course







“Label rouge” scottish salmon, vichyssoise, keta caviar and fennel
CZK 480 ǀ EUR 19

Foie gras terrine, red cabbage, plums and pistachios
590 CZK ǀ EUR 23


Watermelon, tomatoes, curry mayonnaise, avocado, shallot
450 CZK ǀ EUR 18


Langoustines, rice pasta, truffle caviar, bisque, Comté
590 CZK ǀ EUR 23


Mushroom risotto, yolk, dill, black garlic chips
490 CZK ǀ EUR 19




Main dishes




Wild Iceland red fish, tomatoes with cardamom, zucchini, capers, olives, basil
750 CZK
ǀ EUR 29


Fish of the day, roasted vegetables, saffron and dill sauce
850 CZK ǀ EUR 33




Veal tenderloin, potato pie, artichoke, mushrooms sauce
850 CZK ǀ EUR 33


Grilled venison saddle, nut crust, celeriac, spruce, blueberries and juniper
890 CZK ǀ EUR 35


Quail, foie gras, beetroot, croquette of thighs, albufera sauce
740 CZK ǀ EUR 29





Grilled seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, Fregola sarda, beetroot leaves and fresh cheese
510 CZK ǀ EUR 20




Dessert Menu


Selection of homemade sorbets
250 CZK ǀ EUR 10


Valrhrona - Guanaja chocolate sphere, raspberries, chocolate sorbet
345 CZK ǀ EUR 13


Hazelnut ice lolly, roasted banana, popcorn
295 CZK ǀ EUR 11


Figs, date cake, pineapple and mango sorbet
295 CZK ǀ EUR 11


Brillat-Savarin cheese, pickled walnuts, brioche and raisins
295 CZK ǀ EUR 11






Chef: Marek Šáda







V Zátiší Mlýnec Bellevue Žofín Garden Zátiší Club
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